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Giveaway Winner!

Thank you SO much to everyone who entered the contest!! There were 15 entries total, here’s how I set it up:

  1. Jannah
  2. Jannah                     And then I entered the numbers 1-15 in a random generator. It came up with number 11! Congrats Andrea!
  3. Megan                       I’ve decided to give everyone else who entered a half-price print for entering, be checking your email for the coupon code!
  4. Katie
  5. Katie
  6. Katie                          Thanks again everybody! Keep a look out, I’ll be doing these giveaways pretty regularly 🙂
  7. Katie
  8. Andrea
  9. Andrea
  10. Andrea
  11. Andrea
  12. Stacey
  13. Stacey
  14. Beth
  15. Beth

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